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Impact cut short at "A"mountain?

So we call this Hike, affectionally #Notyomamashike. just a way of saying, this is a hike, butttttt you might throw up on this Bih! LOL Sorry..BUT doesn't matter the level of your current fitness, we will still make sure you have a great time...minus the throwing up lol!

On this day, we had "Mamas" on the hike, they both were coaches, No Clients on today's hike, sometimes it be like that. But here is the dope thing, when it's just "Yall" and no company. Real questions and conversations can be had amongst the team. Questions about "where are the clients, how come they didn't show up?"


The answers where simple. "People only know what you tell them, and you must tell them often." One of the reasons, is that there are a-lot of distraction in the world. Internet runs our lives, paid and organic advertisements, pulls our clients from us daily. in order to take that traffic back, we have to match the value with our own ads, impact or words. I for one, didn't invite a Mofo all week. One of the reason, which was no excuse, was that I was sick, BUT even before that, I could have. The fact of the matter was I didn't do not one invite to the Mountain.


So this is really an easy fix. Before next Sunday comes around, do 30-100 Dm's on IG and Fb get people to at-least ask some questions on what the hike was all about! We can all get a bigger impact next week!

Words are my own, so is the Grammer, I'll spell check, but that's all y'all gonna get! love y'all


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